New Zealand Red Deer

Free Range New Zealand Red Deer
in a Pure and Clean Environment

In the middle and late 19th century, red deer were introduced into New Zealand from England and Scotland, some of which roamed freely in the Scottish Highlands. With its rich grass and abundant water supply, the pure, beautiful landscapes of New Zealand provided a unique destination for red deer to survive easily and without the threat of natural predators, the deer population soared.

By the late 1960s, the international demand for wild venison was increasing. The successful export of these products sparked the beginning of deer farming which rapidly developed over the next decade. The living environment of New Zealand farmed deer remains natural and healthy. The deer roam freely across the green land, feeding on pure pastures and water free from pollution. Such an excellent environment makes for top-quality deer products and, over time, New Zealand has become the world’s largest and most advanced country for deer farming, exporting a large number of deer products to Europe, America, and Asia every year.

Born in New Zealand, Dear Plus products are blended with raw ingredients from New Zealand red deer at an export quality level. Our passion for quality ingredients is as important as our respect for the formula. The naturally farmed red deer and finely selected Chinese herbal extracts represent our genuine commitment to producing quality products.