Royal Formula


Unique and Exclusive Royal Formula

The fundamental difference between Dear Plus and other brands is in the formula. Based on the royal formula from the Northern Song Dynasty, Dear Plus products combine ancient recipes and modern technology to bring traditional medicine back to life. Our premium health products are tailor-made for modern humankind.

For many centuries, deer ingredients are considered to be some of the best in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is documented in the Compendium of Materia Medica that deer velvet, antler, blood, brain, tail, kidney, fat, venison, and marrow are all suitable for medicinal uses and can be used to prevent and treat various diseases. As the saying in the Han Dynasty goes, the deer has 100 treasures; deerreally is the true elixir.

Used alone, deer products have a limited effect on human well-being. To achieve the best results, a proper channel ushering drug must be combined with the deer products. Originally designed for the ancient Chinese royal family, our formula is prepared with the perfect ratio of Chinese herbal extracts and the purest raw ingredients. The effectiveness of Dear Plus truly does stand out.

We believe that real balance starts inside. Originating from the ancient Chinese palace, our Dear Plus formula has a long-lasting effect and mildly replenishes the body from the inside out.