Q1:Who is Dear Plus For Man+ targeted at?

A1:It is recommend to men over 30 years old. Take as needed. It is especially for those with kidney deficiency, general lassitude, low spirit, fear of coldness, back and knee soreness, sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostatitis.

Q2:Who is Dear Plus For Woman+ targeted at?

A2:It is recommend to female adults. Take as needed. It is especially for those who have dysmenorrhea, menstrual disordesr, blood stagnation, sallow face, lassitude, fear of coldness, weak health and fatigue, as well as those who want to delay menopausal onset.

Q3:Are Dear Plus products 100% natural? Are they hormone free?

A3:Dear Plus products are made from natural ingredients, with no added artificial hormones. It is safe to take.

Q4:How long does it take to improve bodily function after taking Dear Plus For Man+?

A4:Dear Plus For Man+ is not a short-acting drug, but mild supplement to replenish and nourish the body. The efficacy of this product in short termuse varies from man to man. Most consumers witness a bodily function boost at various levels in the first 2 weeks after taking it. When bodily function boosts to a balance, the user will feel smaller changes to the body. Keep taking this product to maintain the best state.

Q5:Why does Dear Plus outweigh short-acting drugs and other deer products?

A5:Deer ingredients alone are not easy to be absorbed in the human body. Supported by proper Chinese herbs, it can easily bring its nutrients into fulleffect. Dear Plus adopts the royal formula from the Northern Song Dynasty. It is exactly this comprehensive formula that maximizes the health effects of our products. In comparison to the instant short-acting effect, Dear Plus products provide milder replenishment to the human body. Without any irritation to the body, bodily functions are steadily and effectively improved.