Dear Plus For Woman+

What makes a woman beautiful?
A youthful face and healthy hair? A fit body? Pretty makeup and fine clothing?

No, it is the qi and blood that make a woman look radiant.

Place of origin: New Zealand
Size: 30 capsules per bottle
Dosage: 2-4 capsules per day
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place; avoid high heat and direct sunlight.

Modern medicine considers over 50 different hormones produced in the human body; each of which plays an important role in influencing the way our cells and organs function, maintaining our health and vitality. These chemical messengers are produced in a complex network of glands referred to as the endocrine system which controls reproduction and development, metabolism, mood, and sleep.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aims to restore balance in the body. Our bodies are made up of five viscera – the heart, lung, kidney, liver and pancreas – and five entrails. Directly connected to our vitality, the five viscera and five entrails are closely related to the endocrine system, especially our qi – the vital energy that circulates through our bodies, and blood. Imbalances may cause insomnia, headaches, menstrual disorders, skin aging and other problems in women. No wonder people say that the essence of a women’s health is balanced Qi and blood.

However, many people in modern society find it difficult to maintain a positive hormone balance and healthy qi. Modern women are constantly on the go, leading busy lives with little time to relax. This lifestyle quickly drains vital energy from the body which causeshormone imbalances, qi deficiency, and conditions associated with stress.

Product Packages Detail Price
1Dear Plus For Woman+ Pack
(60 capsules)
$ 375 NZD

Precautions: Drink water to rehydrate when ingesting the product is taken. Avoid excessive dosage. If experiencing any discomfort, stop using and follow doctor’s advice. Not recommended for use in pregnant and breast-feeding women. Do not drink alcohol when taking the product.

Dear Plus For Woman+ aims to solve these problems by presenting women with the most effective product to promote balanced qi and hormones. It can:

  1. Regulate the endocrine system and boost metabolism
  2. Refulate menstruation and relieve PMS symptoms, calm the uterus and protect the ovaries
  3. Delay menopausal onset and reverse the signs of aging
  4. Promote qi and hormone balance, maintain beauty and promote youth
Product ingredients and content
30 capsules per bottle | 400mg per capsule
Deer velvet 140mg
Deer blood 80mg
Deer placenta 60mg
Gingsen 60mg
Angelica sinensis 60mg
Others: Additives for packaging