Dear Plus For Man+

What kind of freedom is most precious to the modern man?
Freedom to marry? Financial freedom?

No, worry-free kidneys is what a real man needs the most.

Place of origin: New Zealand
Size: 30 capsules per bottle
Dosage: 2-4 capsules per day
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place; avoid high heat and direct sunlight.

The kidneys are one of the most important human organs. They play an essential role in removing waste and extra water from the blood. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are not just an organ, but a system that impacts every aspect of the human body. From spirit to strength, from hair to excretion, from sleep to libido, the kidneys determine life and death.

To have healthy, worry-free kidneys in our modern fast-paced society is a luxury. Low energy, poor memory, insomnia, lethargy, back and leg pain, bladder issues, and low sex drive, problems that many modern men face, may have something to do with the kidneys.

Product Packages Detail Price
Dear Plus For Man+ Pack
(60 capsules)
$ 375 NZD

Precautions: Drink water to rehydrate when ingesting the product. Avoid excessive dosage. If experiencing any discomfort, stop using and follow doctor’s advice. Not recommended for use in patients with hypertension and heart disease. Do not drink alcohol when taking the product.

Dear Plus For Man+ aims to solve these problems by presenting men with the most effective product to build and improve kidney function and promote health. It can:

  1. Replenish the kidneys, strengthen tendons and bones
  2. Regulate the genitourinary system and increase libido
  3. Enhance qi and hormones, boost physical strength and restore youth
Product ingredients and content
30 capsules per bottle | 400mg per capsule
Deer penis 180mg
Deer blood 80mg
Gingsen 40mg
Deer velvet 40mg
Fructus cnidii extract 40mg
Semen allii tuberosi 20mg
Others: Additives for packaging