Unique and Exclusive
Royal Formula

Unlike other supplements that use simple deer ingredients, Dear Plus products are based on the exclusive royal formula that originated during the Northern Song Dynasty. Dear Plus is composed of effective deer ingredients and Chinese herbal extracts. The combination of these ingredients contributes significantly to the efficacy of deer antler velvet on the human body.

Improve Bodily Functions
from the Inside Out

True balance begins inside. Our complicated symptoms usually have a single internal root, yet the typical daily quick fix tends to make the body outwardly strong and inwardly weak. Dear Plus offers the ultimate solution by providing quality health products that mildly replenish the body from the inside out.

Top Grade NZ
Red Deer

The top grade red deer are raised in a clean environment, which promises the harvest of exceptional high-quality ingredients. New Zealand has become the world’s largest producers and exporters of deer ingredients and the supreme quality of these products has won the trust of importers from many countries. Dear Plus products are made using the finest ingredients from New Zealand red deer.

High Quality
and Reliable

Our products are produced in a factory that has an RMP (Risk Management Programme) certified by the New Zealand government. We use the most advanced technology to manufacture our health products, and strict control is exercised at every stage of production to ensure high quality and assurance at all times.